Kennels in Katy, TX – Doesn’t Your Best Friend Deserve A Holiday Too?

If you are a dog owner in the Katy area of West Houston and you’re looking for high quality boarding kennels, look no further. The dog boarding facilities offered by the Circle Lake Ranch Pet Resort kennels in Katy, Tx are just what you are looking for.

The owner of what is rapidly becoming one of the best-known kennels in Katy, Tx is Dr. Layne Spitzenberger who has been a dog lover all her life. Consequently, ensuring that the facilities and resources provided by the Circle Lake Ranch kennels in Katy, Tx, are second to none is the driving force behind the Resort.

Let Dr. Spitzenberger herself take up the tale.

“As I say on the home page of our website, I’ve never had children but I’ve always had pets. I also travel quite frequently as well, so I was personally aware of the need for high-quality kennels in Katy, Tx. I’m certain that I’m not alone in this, so we decided to offer boarding facilities on the Ranch”.

“I know from the comments of many of our returning clients that their pets get quite excited when they are coming to stay with us, and we do everything possible to make the stay as comfortable as we can. For instance, all of our kennels are air-conditioned to ensure that all of our guests are as completely relaxed and happy”.

“We also have a large fenced play yard and a 60 foot deck for the dogs to play on, so we actively encourage the dogs to be outside in groups or individually as much as possible. We have a splash pool that helps the dogs stay cool and our staff – who have more than 30 years of kennels experience between them – make sure that our guests are never bored”.

“Large dogs stay in individual kennels whilst smaller dogs are enclosed at night after spending the day in our small dog living room. We also make sure that every dog that stays with us is comfortable with their neighbors even if this means that we have to move dogs around occasionally”.

There are several kennels in Katy, Tx, but Dr. Spitzenberger and her dedicated team are determined that the facilities offered at the Circle Lake Ranch will always be second to none. As a long time dog owner and pet lover herself, Dr. Spitzenberger has every reason to make sure that this objective is achieved and maintained.

As Dr. Spitzenberger correctly points out, “If as a dog owner, you know that your best friend is enjoying themselves, it is much easier for you to do the same. If you’re looking for kennels in Katy, Tx and you haven’t given us a try yet, check out our website at or give us a call now”