Dog Grooming Service In Katy, Texas, To Set New Standards In Keeping Your Pet In A1 Condition…

As every owner probably recognizes, keeping your dog looking good is an important part of making sure they stay clean and ultimately healthy too. The arrival of a new dog grooming service from one of the best known animal care centers in the Katy area is therefore likely to be a boon for dog owners throughout the region.
In the environs of Katy, Texas, the team at the Circle Lake Ranch have long been recognized as the foremost horse care and training team.
The fact that they also offer top class dog boarding and care facilities is perhaps a little less widely known, but that’s about to change with the recent announcement of their new dog grooming program.
The launch of their grooming service is explained by Dr. Layne Spitzenberger, owner and President of the Circle Lake Ranch Pet Resort, thus: “As a person who has owned and looked after dogs all my life, I’ve always been passionate about making sure that my pets are looked after properly, and most owners I meet and know are the same.”
Dr. Spitzenberger continues ”Dog grooming is an essential element of caring for any pet and we’re delighted to be able to offer a professional dog grooming service to the inhabitants of Katy and the surrounding areas.”
As Dr. Spitzenberger suggests, “Offering dog grooming services is not brand new for us but as grooming is such a specialized skill, it’s not something that we could do without a grooming expert on board. Fortunately, we’re extremely fortunate to have found someone with skills and experience as it puts us in a position where we can provide a complete grooming service to all dog owners in Katy.”
As highlighted on the dog grooming page of the Katy Dog Kennels website, there are three different levels of dog grooming available at the Circle Lake Ranch.
The ‘Premier Kennel Bath’, the ‘Light Trimming’ and the ‘VIP (Very Important Pet)’ services all feature a full bath and blow dry, a complete brush out, ear cleaning plus nail trimming and teeth cleaning whilst there are extended services such as a facial trim or a full haircut and groom included in the latter two service packages.
Dr. Spitzenberger continues to explain the logic of the grooming service relaunch.
“My experience both as a pet owner and as the owner of the Ranch is that the basic ‘wash and blow dry’ service works really well as a ‘regular maintenance’ program for dogs that are easier to look after such as shorter haired breeds. On the other hand, for longer haired animals that often need a higher level of grooming and attention, the upgraded options that we offer are likely to be more appropriate.”
One way or the other, for dog owners throughout the Katy area of Texas, the fact that such a long established and highly respected animal care center as the Circle Lake Ranch Pet Resort is now able to offer professional dog grooming is good news indeed.
If you’re a dog owner and you’re in or around Katy, why not check out the Katy dog grooming services that Dr. Spitzenberger and her team at the Circle Lake Ranch Pet Resort offer?